Resonance Log
Series A race 6
Wednesday July 6 2016
Wind W 0-5 90 degrees
Course 4 = Double Sausage
Lake Level low for Early July
Mast Blocks Neutral
Start 5:41pm
Onboard Resonance: Brian Doyle, Matt Purcell, Kelsey Wheeler, Alex Stein

The course was fairly square as was the line which is always difficult to set on the lake. With the line about as long in boat-lengths as the number of boats in Div 1 the start stacks up tight. The whole fleet was gunning for it. Mumbo Jumbo ended up over early. The rest of the fleet started clean on starboard with the exception of one or two boats who tacked twice for a clear lane. Mumbo rounded the pin and proceeded on port to the right. And why not they were behind and the whole fleet was headed left. With clear air, good velocity and as a result good speed they were able to get right back in the race. All six boats rounded within 10 or 12 boat lengths of each other albeit slowly. The wind all but shut off as the fleet rounded the weather mark. Then the wind filled in two ways – from behind and around the fleet. Kelsey made the observation on our boat which looked correct that as the wind filled back in it would be the boats on the edges that got the most sustained wind. When it is light the wind takes the path of least resistance. A bunch of Sonar sails (mains and spinnakers) lined up in front of the wind is a deterrent for the wind itself so the boats on the outside get more than the boats in the middle or the front which is where we were. As a result Mumbo and Viento gained the most as the two boats on the two edges. Mumbo was downwind right and Viento left. Once the wind filled enough this phenomenon had less effect and it was ok for Mumbo and Resonance to cross in front of the fleet for protection and to try to get inside advantage. As luck would have it we were able to just get ahead and inside of Viento by the mark and Mumbo rounded outside but all within two to three boat-lengths. The rest of the fleet was close enough that it was anyone’s race!

Mumbo rounded third and tacked left for less traffic and clear air. They kept going. In fact they only tacked three times on the second beat and caught a nice left shift about two thirds of the way up the leg which got them across in front. Big risk made for big reward this time for Mumbo. They also were going fast the whole time even when they were in lighter air spots. The rest of the fleet was right of center and we chose to cover and stay with the numbers rather than cover one boat on the left. We will do the same next time this situation occurs as it is a long season so we’ll play the odds rather than take the big risk.

Mumbo rounded the weather mark on the second lap just enough in front (about ten boat lengths) that while we reeled her in a bit it was too much distance to gain back without enough race course remaining. We finished about four boat lengths behind in second. Nice work Mumbo after an over early start!